Updated to Windows 8.1 Pro - Constant BSOD with Critical Corruption Structure

I recently updated to Windows 8.1 Pro from Windows 8 Pro. Now I get constant BSODs with a Critical Structure Corruption error. In event viewer I get a warning about WUDFrd failing to load and then an Error about rebooting from a Bugcheck. This happens every time I get a restart and has happened nearly 20 times since updating 2 days ago. I haven't found a solution at this point and not seeing other people with this same issue so far. I don't see a way to roll back the update either. I wouldn't even mind doing a fresh install but I did that a month ago to 8 so that seems like I will be in the same place.
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  1. maybe you can disable your fingerprint reader in your BIOS and attempt to boot?

    something is most likely overwriting some kernel data structure that it does not own. for example fingerprint driver fails to load but another device writes to a low level memory structure anyway. Windows 8.x should detect this as a hacking attempt or data corruption and bugcheck to prevent it.
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