SSD Write Speeds went down after putting old HDD in for an hour

Hey guys...

I can't seem to find what went wrong here. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a 256 GB Toshiba SSD on a Sata 2 port on my laptop that I installed a few weeks ago. I did an AS SSD Benchmark and got OK results for a SSD on a Sata II port:

261.12 MB seq. Read, 248.80 MB seq. Write
11.85 4K Read, 19.81 4K Write
172.23 4K-64Thrd Read, 126.24 4K-64Thrd Write
.238 ms Acc.Time Read, .137 ms Acc.Time Write

Well I then put my old HDD in my laptop to pull off some old data to put it on a flash drive. I then put back in my SSD and now whenever I run the benchmark all of my Write speeds are horrible!

89.98 MB seq. Write
3.12 MB 4K Write
3.72 MB 4K-64Thrd Write
1.387 ms Acc.Time Write

All of the read speeds are roughly the same. I have AHCI enabled. What could be the issue? I'm literally lost. Thanks for the help.
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  1. It may have to do with the caching, which, if I am correct, will aright itself over time. SSDs (as well as HDDs) use algorithms for caching that speeds up access. If you put in a HDD into a system that is set for a SSD the caching will change resulting in slower speeds with the new hardware. If this is the problem the system will improve over several iterations of use.
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