CPU usage of 25% too high for idle?

Alright so I have a brand new rig thats about a month old with only a few basic programs installed ie,. chrome, aim, couple spyware/malware tools, console emulators, spotify, bittorrent, couple old pc games etc and thats really about it. I am running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit system and an amd fx 4300 with 8 gigs of ram and 1tb hd.

heres what it looks like at an idle state, basically how she sits after being turned on or restarted and then not touched. ----

------ http://s11.postimg.org/x72a3h5df/processes2.jpg

Now notice my cpu usage at 25% in both pictures? If im not mistaken, it should be nice and low, like 0 to 5%. My old computer which I donated to my mother was my computer for about 8 years and when I have nothing running on it it will sit at 0% when not touched. Now obviously when I open chrome or a program in general on it itll spike then drop down nice and low again once it has finished booting. Thats how it should be. My new rig doesnt want to go below that 25%, though.
Can anybody scan those pictures and tell me what I dont need to be running? And does anybody know whats going on here? When my computer just sits here I want the cpu usage to read 0% like my old pc. The computer seems to run flawlessly so if I didnt know any better its not like I would feel as though I have a pc problem. The fact that it doesnt ever go below 25% doesnt seem to effect its performance unless maybe it is and im just unaware but as far as I know this computer is running mint. So what gives? My OCD is going nuts! Any input would help a lot. Thanks guys!
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  1. bump...someone by the name of clutchc tried very hard (thanks again) trying to get to the bottom of my problem on one of my other threads but to no avail. Theres nothing running that I can see!!!! What else could it be?
  2. better look at whats going on...

  3. chrisgregory said:
    better look at whats going on...


    go to task manager than in that go to the processes tab end any processes that you don't think are necessary that should help
  4. You dont say. Ive done all that, yet still have a CPU usage of 25%. Thats what my problem is and the reason for this thread. Thank you anyway, though.
  5. Those images are too small for us to see anything. Did you actually look at what processes are causing the high load?
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