Should --or Can-- I upgrade my AW Aurora's 3+ yr old GeForce gtx 260 with a gtx 550ti?

My Aurora is 3.5 yrs old, and still has the original GeForce GTX 260 that I selected for it during my component selection when self-designing the rig. The 260 has always been rock-solid, but I am limited to DX9, and would benefit, as a gamer, from access to DX11 features & newer 'bells and whistles' offered by newer Generation Cards, and the difference from DX9 to DX11. A generous friend provided me with a never-used, except being pre-tested on his rig right before gifting it to me, EVGA-brand GeForce GTX 550ti over a month ago, to try and remedy my DirectX 'ancient version issues'.

And if it IS worth replacing, how do I do it and avoid instant 6-beep warning code, like I experienced when I tried to upgrade to the 550ti myself a few weeks ago? I know that the code is a 'video card problem,' but the slot I used is the same one that my old-and-still-in-use GTX 260 has always used w/o issue, AND my PSU is more than ample to meet wattage-requirements of the 550ti --which were actually tech-spec'd as less than the 260's power-draw.

As for potential Alienware MB-compatibility issues or maybe needing to use a different PSU cable to power the 550ti, I have no clue about. BUT, in my "A11" version BIOS, there are individual cable power-output options, but each cable has always been set to the lowest value, and that setting is also what "Load Optimum Settings" F2 option sets it to/keeps it at. Could THAT be the issue?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer, and if you need more info on my particular rig, please don't hesitate to request it from me! :??:
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  1. Stupid question out of the way first: did you plug the 6 pin PCI-E power connector into the 550?

    Yes, but that's more of a sidegrade or replacement as they perform about the same. The 260 is capable of Directx10 (not just 9) while the 550 is capable of Directx11. I don't know about that motherboard, so the 550 resulted in a beep code but not the 260?

    What's your CPU?

    The 550 is an older part and replacing it wouldn't really be worth it, especially if you can get something like a 7770 or 650/Ti which your PSU should also support since the 260 is more power hungry than all of them (as you've already stated).
  2. Not a stupid question to ask, especially if actually knew me, HEHE, but...
    Yup, I had the correct plug attached. Yup, the 260 never caused a 6-beeper, even AFTER reinstalling it post-550ti install 6-beeper.
    My CPU is an Intel core i7 920@2.67 ghz.

    But if Radeon 7770 or GeForce 650ti would be a much more effective & recommended-by-you upgrade, I think I'll forego the lateral-move the 550ti would offer, and instead search for both of them, but hoping-hard for a miraculously-reasonable price point in one or both cards, since as a Disabled Vet, money is at a premium, but it is for everyone nowadays!

    I ready do appreciate your help, Mr. Zhang! :D
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    Ah much respect to you, Mr. Barton :D

    Since you have a 920, you could consider moving up to a 7850/650 Ti Boost or 7870/660, if you find any at a decent price, they would extend the life of your system much longer.

    This 650 Ti Boost would be a nice start to look into
  4. Much thanks, I am going to the link graciously-provided by you, to learn as much as I can, now that you've shown me which pathway to travel to accomplish my upgrading-and-longevity-extending needs. I'm quite excited to have multiple options, from both "GPU Stables" too, to choose from...even though I've never at all used Radeon, I am not afraid to give them a 'go,' if they are the best choice for me.

    I am very grateful --and humbled-- that you generously donated your precious time to me by thoroughly diving-into my current status, successfully helping me find multiple options to solve a issue that I poorly grasped, despite my own attempts to study & solve them for the last few months...and preemptively providing more expertise & guidance than I would've known how to ask for --but desperately needed, or may need in the future.

    Be well, and if ever I am in any position to assist you, in any way, I hope not only to reciprocate, but to also reciprocate without you ever having to ask. :D
  5. No worries, have fun researching haha
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