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Hey guys, I just build a new PC about a week ago and got the EVGA GTX 780 for it. I recently just saw though were AMD posted information about their new card and how it should compete with the Nvidia cards. My question is would you suggest returning the card to see if their will be a price cut or would the price cut be so low it won't make a difference? I am looking to have dual monitors in the future and I mostly play games at 1080p right now. Any info is appreciated, Thanks.
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  1. I would actually return the 780 and then grab the new AMD card - R9 290X - when it comes out. The 780 is already more than sufficient for 1080p gaming, so I guess it's up to you whether you want a little extra juice.
  2. Is the card brand new and unopened or no? You might have some problems returning the card; some sales are final in some electronic stores unless you need to RMA it. Personally I would stay with the 780 but it's down to preference.
  3. Well I mean I could return it but I really like the card, I just wish I would have known haha or could see the actual benchs of the R9 290X. I'm not a super hardcore enthusiast like some but I do like to have the games I play looking good! Decisions decisions
  4. Well generally you have to live with these decisions lol, I've had friends who bought 660 ti's, then the 760 came out a few weeks later at the same price
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    I doubt there will be much of a price cut.

    Though AMD could see better performance/optimization in the future due to new hardware and the consoles using AMD, I'd stick with a sure thing; your 780. That the 290X will be competitive is speculative until actual comparisons are run.

    EVGA's software and customer service are 2nd to none IMO, and that benefit (to me) outweighs any marginal gains that could be had in the future with AMD.

    That said, if you want to get a refund, it's officially doable if you bought it from EVGA in the last 30 days (, otherwise you have to go through the vendor you purchased the card at.

    If you decide to try and get a refund, if the seller won't do it, I'd still give EVGA a call; they may refund your $ even though it's not policy.
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