Normal Temps for a i5-4670k on a Noctua-U14s cooler?

Hey guys - completed my first computer build and everything seems OK so far.

Just wondering what normal the idle/gaming temps for the i5 4670k using a Noctua U14s cooler should be. Reason being, after I put the rice-grain sized thermal paste onto the CPU - was having initial trouble installing the heatsink, so after the heatsink made contact with the CPU& paste I lifted it up, showcasing the neatly spread thermal paste from the pressure. I putback the heatsink without touching any of the paste.

So far idle temps are ~30-31C for the CPU. Should it be lower? What temps should I expect for gaming? thanks

**Case is Fractal Design Define R4-
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    Those temps seem to be within the normal range for that cooler. Under full load it should not go higher than 50s.

    EDIT: Assuming you've not overclocked the CPU.
  2. Thanks for the quick response -

    No OC'ing--- won't dabble into it.. yet :)
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