is core 2 duo support Quad core processor..?

hello... i have core 2 duo intel 3.16 ghz 6 mb cache... it is intel d97573 boad .. i want to replace the processor with quad core..
ANd how much it support?
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  1. According to intel ( ), it seems that it should. But may require a bios update (has to be done before the cpu replacement). But to be sure, contact intel support with the actual serial number of the board and they will let you know precisely.
  2. is my main boad is best or latest...?
    i only buy quad processor for gaming like battle feild 4...and high 3D games...
    give me suggetion ???
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    I'm assuming this is your Motherboard

    It has a LGA 775 socket which is pretty old. If you want to play graphics intensive games such as BF4 , you might want to change your Graphics card , but the best would be to upgrade the Motherboard , CPU , GPU , PSU , and RAM.

    The best upgrade for your current CPU would be this

    It would be difficult to find a new one , but there are many refurbished ones

    Like I said , if you want the best performance , just upgrade everything.
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