Will the fx 8320 and asrock 970 Extreme4 work better with amd video card or a nvidia video card?

I am building a gaming PC and I am wondering if I should get a gtx 760 or a hd 7950 to go with my already bought fx 8320 and asrock 970 Extreme4. I am open for suggestions and really need to know if I should go all amd or all amd but video card?
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  1. I would go with the GTX 760. It performs better than the HD 7950 by about 10%.
  2. If the 7950 is cheaper by a fair amount, then go for that
  3. I think I might go with the Sapphire Radeon Toxic R9 280X 3GB my friend told me about it. Will it work with my motherboard (asrock 970 Extreme4)?
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    Yes, definitely
  5. Ya Easily
    You can Also get Little bit Cheaper
    ASRock 970 Extreme3 Motherboard

    And Then Go For
    My Choice
    Asus GTX 760 Direct CU II OC 2GB
    This is an awesome videocard

    if you are lucky you will get
    3 games free with it
    like i got
    Batman arkham origins
    Splinter Cell Blacklist

    Assassins Creed 4 on Pre Order
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