Antec X1 CPU Cabinet with VP550P SMPS

I am thinking of buying this Cabinet and SMPS combo:;64

For this configuration:

i7 3770 (nonK)
Asus H77 board
Seagate 5 TB (2+3) HDD
Asus GTX 660 2 GB
Cosair 12 (8+4) GB
1 80MM+ 1 120 MM Cooler Master Fans

Is this a good buy? I am on tightest possible budget and this is it for me, so any other suggestions will be of no good for me.

Thank you.
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  1. Yes it will be ok, the psu is enough, you could even Overclock a bit, and your gpu will fit just fine (i mean about the size). Motherboard will fit too, because your MoBo is mini-ITX and this case supports mini-ITX. So yes this case and psu is good :)
  2. How good or bad is the Hardware itself? I mean, there are barely any reviews for either the cabinet or psu.
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    All the parts like GPU, CPU are good (i use 660 myself), and if you are talking about the case and psu then i can say that case is very good,because everything will fit in well and there will be enough space for cooling, and he psu is ok too, enough power, and antec is a good brand too :)
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