how to disable onboard graphics Asus P8B75-M LX Plus, using only pic-e vga card?

hi , just bought a MSI N210 PCI-E VGA card, plugged it into the PCI-E x16 Gen2.0/3.0 slot of my Asus P8B75-M LX Plus motherboard. connect all the cables ( VGA cable connect to the MSI card ) , power on the PC and ...... Presto !!! ..... nothing came on the monitor. plug VGA cable back to onboard port , display came out; figuring it might be the BIOS settings , i rebooted into BIOS, but unable to find the setting to turn off onboard display .... any ideas ?
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    You can do it in two ways, First one is disable it via bios (just google for it) or you can do it via device manager like here :
  2. In the BIOS there is a setting to use either Onboard or PCIe graphics. Its probably set to onboard but they are usually pretty good about knowing what the montior is plugged into. But try disabling it if you have to.
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