2.4GHZ wireless router vs 2.4GHZ cordless phone.Can they conflict???

Currently i'm using ZTE zxv10 w300 router which gives me wireless internet connectivity working in 2.4ghz frequency. Now i'm wiling to purchase a cordless phone PANASONIC kx-tg 3712 which also works in 2.4ghz. I'm having a doubt that will they conflict. I heard same frequency devices can conflict & make unusual sounds on phone,affect router wifi signal stability.

Any Ideas?? Any help is highly appreciated.
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  1. Wireless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens and a number of other devices that use the 2.4GHz frequency can interfere and slow your connection. The most common interference I see is from other networks and microwave ovens though -- other devices are usually only an issue at the extreme range of the wireless LAN in my experience.

    That said, I use 1.9GHz DECT phones because the sound quality and range are much better than any 2.4GHz phones that I have tried.
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