AMD II X2 270 upgrade, is the bottleneck?

Hello all you good people,

i have an Asus F1A75-M motherboard with an AMD II X2 270 Processor and 2 GB.
This system is much slower than it should be.
Firefox is slower than on another system with an Intel E5300, and that setup also only has 2 GB.

I did not expect a fast system for heavy duty tasks, that was not the design.
The overall response is slow, which is really annoying.
Sometimes menu interaction is slow, or saving text changes in gedit.

I do not use the onboard video card.
I don't have an nVidia display driver installed for my card.

Hard disk is a WD1600BEVT, yes that's a 2,5"".

Mostly i use Debian Stable with the old Gnome.

"top" reports this:
"io-wait" is normal, that tells me the disk is not the problem.
"swap" is not used, so 2 GB is enough:

Mem: 2073088k total, 855632k used, 1217456k free, 41260k buffers
Swap: 0k total, 0k used, 0k free, 326644k cached

But cpu usage is high sometimes.

That's why i put the blame on the processor.

Is my setup wrong or is it really the processor?

If it's the CPU, what should i upgrade to if i want a CPU that does not want a lot of power?

Thanks for your time,

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    You said,you didn't have the drivers installed for your Nvidia card. So,you have a GPU in your system,and it's drivers are not installed? Then it may result in lagging I guess.
    And,if you really plan to upgrade,and want to get a good performance low power consuming CPU,I'd say Intel is your best bet. Go for a 4th Gen i3,like the i3-4130. But it may take a good amount of budget for that.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Well i do not use the onboard video card.
    For the nVidia card in the slot that i use i use the GNU nouveau driver.

    An upgrade would be nice, but i want to keep the same motherboard.
    I would like to try another CPU but i'm not really sure if the CPU is the problem.
  3. Actually you have got something wrong. You said the CPU was Athlon II X2 270,which is Socket AM2+ / Socket AM3. But the board you said you're having is F1A75-M,which is Socket FM1. It's confusing actually,please make it clear.
    Well,let me talk about the upgrade for now. If the socket of yours is FM1,it is dead by now,which means there wouldn't be new CPUs coming with its compatibility.You can only use the currently available CPUs which though are nothing of much performance. And even if it's AM3,you can't upgrade it much,since the new CPUs are AM3+,which are not backward compatible.So you'll have to stick with Phenoms,which won't be great CPUs for the future.
    So it's best you get a new Mobo and CPU if you plan to upgrade.
  4. Yes it was a bit of a mess trying to find out if the CPU was fit for the motherboard. There's something with a FM1+ or FM2+ which makes it work.
    It has been running for a year.

    You provided the solution.
    I installed the nVidia drivers and now the problem is fixed.

    Never thought that would make such a difference. It was like a translation had to be made for everything that was to be put on the screen.

    The reason i got this ancient setup is that i wanted a native parallel port, for my MYDIYCNC machine. Imagine that :)

    Thanks man!

  5. Oh...It's been running for an year? :D That's awesome...I don't see how though..Hahaha... :D
    Anyway,good to see that your problem is fixed.
    And about the MYDIYCNC machine...I'm terribly sorry I don't know what that is...Never heard of it :) Could you tell me what it is?
  6. It's a DIY CNC machine. Add the all-american "My" prefix and there you have it: a desktop CNC machine kit, for a fraction of the price.

    I'm going to use it to make circuit boards.

    I'm out of here, thanks everybody for your time.
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