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Hi, please help me deciding to build new CPU for gaming. Build for gaming purpose at resolution 1920x1080p because my monitor LG 22 inch. I plan to add VGA ATI R9 280x.

I have a plan spec like this:

Processor : IntelCore i5-4670 3.4 Ghz - Cache 6MB Haswell Series
Motherboard : MSI Z87-G45 Gaming
PSU : Corsair TX Series 750W
RAM : Corsair DDR3 Vengeance Pro Red PC15000 8GB (2X4GB)
HDD : WDC 1TB SATA3 64MB - Caviar Black
Casing : NZXT Source 210 Black

My budget focus is GPU, i need suggestion to change that spec that could reduce my budget at all, but i want R9 280x still added and don't cause bottleneck. Last question what the different between i5-4670 and i5-4670k from what i know that "k" is for overclock, how about performance if i didn't overclock for 4670k is it same as 4670 ?. Thanks before.
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  1. Stock 4670k=4670

    In terms of reducing budget, you could go with a FX 6300 and a compatible mobo, then overclock that for better results (sorry not good with motherboard suggestions so you could check these threads if interested)
  2. What mean stock? I don't want overclocking because can drop a life of components for a half.CMIIW need more answer thanks.
  3. Stock meaning the default frequency (speed)
    If you don't wanna overclock then you can go with an i5 4670 (or 4430 if you want to go cheaper) and get a cheaper B85 motherboard
  4. So if i have i5-4670k without do overclock then no different with i5-4670? What's a impact from overclock Processor or GPU?
  5. An i5 4670k at default speeds should be the same as an i5 4670, what do you mean by your second question?
  6. Hahaha wrong question at second. I mean a bad impact if do overclocking to CPU. How about PSU, can I lower to 600W?
  7. Oh bad impact, probably just system instability if you end up with a bad overclock. You should read up and watch some video guides on how to overclock before you should even try that though, just to stay safe.

    You can probably get away with a 600W PSU, just as long as it's at least 80 Plus Bronze rated and it has the PCI-E power connectors for the 280x (preferrably two 6+2 plugs so they could be used as either 6 or 8).

    That particular 280x you listed requires two 8 pin PCI-E connectors
  8. So doing overclock correctly wouldn't generate a bad impact? About PSU i was check this link and required 650W at minimum because i add DVD-RW Combo and LAN card please confirm.
  9. It may shorten the life of your chip a bit, just do your research and you should be fine. You could keep the current 750W PSU just in case you want to upgrade or something in the future.
  10. OK thanks for answer. So there is no solution for reduce budget of my spec. Did you have any spec that recommended for me for GPU similar to r9 280x with budget lower than above?
  11. The 280x is a great GPU to play games with, so you shouldn't swap that out
    I stated before lols, if you don't ever want to overclock, just get a cheaper B85 motherboard and an i5 4670 (non k), that could save you some money
  12. How if i swap CPU to i5-2500 old 2nd generation and mainboard to P67A-UD3-B3 is that ok for R9 -280X performance?Second option if swap to FX-6300 + ASRock 990FX EXTREME3 without overclock.
  13. rolandzhang3 said:
    The 280x is a great GPU to play games with, so you shouldn't swap that out
    I stated before lols, if you don't ever want to overclock, just get a cheaper B85 motherboard and an i5 4670 (non k), that could save you some money

    What the different if i change this MSI Z87-G45 Gaming to ASRock B85M-HDS? That type B85 with M confused.
  14. The difference is that a B85 motherboard generally doesn't allow you to overclock. And if you're not gonna overclock, don't go with the fx 6300 option
  15. So Z87 type for overclock, it both work as well? Forget the budget, now my purpose for a long term. Which brand is trusted for motherboard, PSU, and Casing that can use for more than 3 year or more?
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    For motherboards, people would recommend ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte (Asrock isn't bad too). You would probably have to read some reviews for PSUs but generally Corsair, Antec, Seasonic and XFX are pretty good choices. For cases you could look at Coolermaster/Antec/Thermaltake etc.
    Sorry, not the most comprehensive list :P
  17. Good answer thank you very much i would appreciate that.
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