FX-8350 Overclock, socket temp.

Hello, first of all, thank you all you people from this community, this is my second thread.
I received a fast and helpful response in the first one :D, I hope the same here.

I have issues with my socket temp. The issue is simple, very high temps readings from the socket.
Different story, when we are talking about my core temps.

I have my FX-8350 @4,5 1,356v under load. I'm using offset voltage so idle voltage and freq are lower.
When running prime95 after 15 min ususally 20. Socket temp reading from all, HWmonitor, aida64 will hit 71ºC "I have immediately stopped the test every time I hit that".

In the other hand, the core temp won't go higher than 48ºC,

This is an stable O.C. To safely run prime95 I did it at 4:00 AM which is the time where the room temp is quite cold. So the socket temp won't go higher than 65ºC after 2hour prime95 blend.
Different story when running it over the day, past 12PM. As I said before, it will hit 71 during prime95 and I'll have to stop the test.

I've read that it maybe an issue from my mobo, being the source of the issue.

My spec:

Motherboard: Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0
CPU: FX-8350 @4,5
RAM: G.Skill 2x4 8GB total 1600 runnning at "1666" [FSB ratio] 9-9-9-24 @1.55V
PSU: Cooler Master 550W Bronze 80 plus.
Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper N620

I'm ready to take big steps to get lower temps, should I replace the motherboard for a new one able to run the cpu with lower socket temps?

Should I go for watercooling?

I want to go for 4,8-5,0 ghz since my chip is running stable with low vcore. The only thing holding me back is the socket temp.

Or, actually... I shouldn't care about socket temp, instead focus only on core temp?

Thank you all in advance.

PD: Sorry about my poor english.
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Hello,

    I have the same mobo and cpu with a Corsair h80 cooler and I'm getting the same kind of socket temperatures as you which doesn't seem to make sense. I've looked around for some time now and can't get any answers either. It only happens when stress testing. Under normal heavy usage such as video editing, the two temperatures come closer in line with the core temperature being higher than the socket. I actually wonder how accurate the reading is. I tried removing the side panel and running a fan behind the mobo and the temperature did drop a lot. I really would like to know what is the deal with this too.

    I did want to tell you that I wasn't able to get anything stable above 4.5 using offset voltage. Right now I'm at 4.8 with 1.47 volts and i'm trying to step it down. My temps are 58 core and 72 socket.

    I'd like to know if you figure anything else out.
  3. Don't worry about core temp. Max Safe Socket Temp is 62*C according to AMD.
    VRM's get hot though on AMD motherboards, low 70's is as high you want to go.
    When running Prime95, go to options, torturetest, custom-Min FFT 4096 and for memory-use as much as you have available.
    Make sure LLC is on High or Very High. No lower or higher.
    Try lowering your voltage.
    If you want a 5.0 Ghz on 24/7, you'd probably want a Custom loop-only few chips have reached 5ghz from closed loops (The Jackpot Chips).

    Ifg switching motherboards, you'd want to run a 990FX chipstet-Recommended boards:
    UD7 from Gigabyte, Sabertooth R2 from Asus, or Crosshair V Formula-Z

    But Remember, VRM's do get hot. So if going custom loop, make sure to add in the MOSFET's into the Loop. Or get fans to blow on them.
  4. bouncedk said:
    Max socket temp for all FX processors are 71c, core is 61.1c so I would back it down a tad.
    Your N620 can't keep up, that's pretty obvious. If you are set for that overlock speed, try lowering the vcore (if you haven't already) to eliminate excess heat and re-test to make sure it's stable.

    Also you don't have to go liquid, you can buy an NH-D14 which will be more than enough for a 5+ghz overlock.

    The Hyper N-620 is amazing, and will handle it with no problem. The issue is on the socket, it keeps all my 8 cores under 50ºC after 2 hour prime95 blend test. So thats actually good enough. This issue is something else, I have found that actually the motherboard model has a big impact on the socket temp. My old mobo had exactly 10 ºC more than the core so if core temp was 40, socket was 50. This is not happening with this mobo. I did what the guy from above post did "thank you by the way" And put a fan in the back side of the motherboard, making sure it won't touch the case and damage the mobo. And there u go max socket temp now is 68ºC after 2 hour prime95 when my room temp is quite hot, at night it won't go higher than 57ºC.
    Thank you all for your info and answers!
  5. I have the exact same problem with the same motherboard with fx 8320 and Macho HR-02 and I'm only @ 4.25GHz core voltage running effectively at 1.36v. Stress testing gives me 68c at socket and 54c at core max. Idle Im getting 40c at socket and around 22c at core. It is definitely an issue with the motherboard or it's readings. That said I've always been puzzled with this basic notion that a cooler could have *considerable* effect in taking down your socket temps. I mean core temps, sure but socket temps??
  6. Ssocket temp is higher by hot air trapped between the CPU and side panel and the physical temperature sensor reading that. However, a cooler dispersing the heat from the CPU and Air blowing heat from the VrM's causes for cooler ambient temps as well as socket temperature-heat travels and the components try to cool by spreading to other areas. So by cooling the CPU more, the socket lowers.
    Also your cooler is okay-but not the best, competes with a H100(non i). -AMD and newer Intel Haswell run hot.
    If running faster RAM, you are putting more stress on the CPU and using its memory controller more-hence the reason of higher heat.
    But on that note, please make your own thread for your issue, even if it is relevant to the OP :)
  7. I have had this problem with a different motherboard (ASrock 980DE3/U3S3 Motherboard) and a AMD 8320 CPU. It was reading both my socket temps and core temps very wrongly. It was saying my core temp was 70C but I could have left my hand on the bottom of the heatsink (Deepcool Gammaxx 300) all day. All I did was update my bios and now my temps max at 50C, the socket max is 60C give or take a few degrees.
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