Re-installed Win7, No Graphics Card was detected.


I've recently re-installed Windows 7 clean install from the BSOD I encountered by installing a new theme. Looking through specs of my laptop through 'dxdiag' in the 'Display' tab I discovered that it only says that I have 'Standard VGA Adapter' for the graphics card. I have not taken any hardware out of the system and I remember clearly to have Radeon HD 6xxxM series.

I've tried doing the auto detect from the manufacturer's website and only to find out that there's a server error and cannot download the driver. Any suggestions? sorry for the unexperienced thread, thanks in advance for very helpful suggestions to come :)
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  1. The exact make and model of your laptop would have been very helpful here! Anyway, try to get the driver from the manufacturers website. Don't use autodetect, search for your model and windows version (32bit/64bit) instead and download the video driver.
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