My computer turns ON but the screen doesnt responds

Ok So i have been experiencing this problem few times the problem is

After i shut down my pc at night and when i ON it in the morning the machine works but the screen doesnt responds so quite a few times i removed the ram cleaned it and put it back again it started working the display was ON and SOMETIMES the display goes black on the monitor and the screen stop responding ITS NOT LIKE the screen is OFF when this happens it goes into standby mode like when the machine is not running but the machine is running

Any solutions for this? Am i the only one experiencing this problem?
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  1. I've experienced this problem,and it was the problem with my GPU. I had to unplug my monitor from my GPU and reconnect it sometimes,and the other times,it never worked,and I had to obviously,go for the reseating of the RAM. Anyway,in your case,first I'd suggest you do a memory test to make sure your RAM is okay,and try putting the RAM in other slots as well.And about the GPU,you can troubleshoot it once you're done with the RAM.You can remove the GPU and connect the monitor to MB and turn on the system. Since you said it was like in sleep mode,I'd suggest you better check the RAM.
  2. yup i did put my ram in other slots it worked for the time but after 1 or 2 hour or so the display started going again and again i just reseted my bios 5 mins earlier lets see how this solution works And I would like to do the memory test but can anyone tell me how to do it? i am rookie in these kind of things
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    To check the memory,you can use Windows Memory Diagnostic tool which you can start from the Start Menu of Windows.Though,the softwares like Memtest 86+ proves to be more effective.
  4. Video card or motherboard, check the motherboard for issues, most often it's bad capacitors.

    May be an issue with the RAM or power supply but a bad video card or motherboard cause most of these issues.
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