[GPU] MSI GTX760 4S is the 4GB version worth the money?

I'm helping a friend put together a build for a Gaming PC and noticed that the MSI GTX760 has a 2GB and 4GB version. I currently live in Japan, and the prices for parts here are not as cheap as back in the US. When looking at the price difference between the 2 versions, I'm wondering whether the 4GB is really worth the extra cash.

Any thoughts? Much appreciated.
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    This depends entirely on what resolution you'll be gaming at. If you plan on gaming with a multi-monitor setup, 4k resolution, or 2560 x 1440 for some demanding games, then I'd go with the 4GB version. However, for normal 1080p gaming, the 2GB version should be more than sufficient for years to come.
  2. I figured as much. My friend probably won't be gaming on more than one monitor any higher than 1080p, so I'll just go with the 2gb version then.
  3. i get the 4gb ver to stay safe, recently 2 gb vram is hogged easily by gpu intensive games such as crysis 3, skyrim, metro etc. think of it as easily upgrading just incase you want to purchase a bigger monitor
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