Will CAS Number on RAM Affect 6800K

I was just looking at 2133Mhz RAM and noticed most of them have a CAS of about 11 as the cheapest. I know this will mean longer delays between the RAM Refresh Cycle but will it really affect my FPS. For reference, I do plan on Overclocking my CPU and the iGPU.
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  1. Neither any of the ram parameters (frequency, latency) nor a cpu overclocking will really affect your FPS.
  2. You need to realize that CAS is just as important as the more "screaming" Mhz number. For example 2133 Mhz memory with CAS 11-11-11 is actually slower and more expensive (dumb, but well, people are not very smart either) than 1866 Mhz 9-10-9.

    As a matter of fact, unless you are FILTHY rich - best memory would be 1866 9-10-9.

    Besides that, though - there is nearly 0 impact on FPS in reality unless you use iGPU, which I hope you do not. Differense between an okish standard memory and roflbbqrotschild memory is about 1 FPS.
  3. I got 1866 9-9-9 and it will outperform 2133 11-11-11. Especially when I overclock that 1866 to at least close to 2133 while maintaining that 9-9-9.

    I intend on paring it with a 6800k and I will be using it's igpu.
    Higher mhz ram makes a HUUUUUUGE improvement with those APUs as does lower timings. A good balance of both is best.
  4. Waste of money. For nearly the same cost, you could get a 760k and an HD 7750 and have a much better gaming setup.
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