Blue HDD not compatible with msi b75a g43

I just bought a new PC with MSI B75a-G43 mobo and a WD Green 1TB HDD, w/o OS. As I try to add my previous WD Caviar Blue 5000AAKX HD to the system, the BIOS setup doesn't even start.
Both HDs can work together with my old P5LP-LE mobo.
I already verified that it's not a matter of power supply.
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  1. So with the Green WD HDD on it's own does it still work? And when you start up with both HDD what does it do? Also have you tried consulting the trouble shooting guide with your mobo or HDD?
  2. System doesn't start up with both HDD or even with just the old "blue" one. Nothing is mentioned in the mobo user's guide. I tried to disable an "EuP 2013" option in the BIOS setup (when working with the green HDD alone), but unsuccessful.
  3. Try booting up the mobo without any of the hard drives, if it manages to get into BIOS then it could mean that you might have something wrong with your SATA ports. But all in all seeing as you can boot with both drives on your other board I'd say that there is something wrong with you new mobo. If you agree then go straight to MSI customer help and all that for further support, they might give repairs or replacement. But if I were you I'd get a second opinion, cant be too careful with these sorts of situations.
  4. I ran a WD utility tool "Lifeguard Diagnostics" on both disks, connected to my old-mobo-PC, and they result OK, but the new one, 1TB is reported as WD10EZEX-xxx (IDE), while the old 500GB is WD5000AAKX-xxx (SATA).
    Why IDE if HD product page declares it SATA?
  5. Hmm, good idea using the utility tool. Ah ok that could just be the problem, although that still doesn't explain why the SATA drive doesn't work.. Hmm.. However the IDE can be solved because you have them in IDE mode (vice AHCI or RAID). This can be changed in the BIOS.
    Have a look at this thread for more information and help
    Good luck!
  6. Well, this issue has been solved. I simply updated MSI motherboard BIOS. A 10.4 release was installed and I updated it to 10.9, downloaded from MSI Support Web page. Actually, the update reset BIOS settings to default, so I'm not sure if the "visibility" of the HDD is due to the new BIOS or to the return to default settings. Maybe the PC vendor had set some particular configuration, in order to avoid installation of additional drives. Anyway, now I have two HDDs in my PC and it's OK.
    Thanks everybody.
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