RAID Setup on Asus Maximus V Formula

Hi Guys,

I got a Corsair Force GT 120GB & a Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB.

What is the RAID Setup can I use. But I don't want to lose my Data.
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  1. With those two drives, you don't RAID them.

    If you're looking for performance (RAID0), the SSD will be held back by the speed of the HDD.
    If you're looking for mirroring (RAID 1), the array size will only be 120GB. 1.8TB wasted on the HDD.
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    If you don't want to lose your data then back it up. Raid is not a backup ever.
    I would suggest at least 2 backups. One to an external drive that you don't leave connected to the computer when not in use (its fine if you leave it in place) and a second copy to another device such as DVD's.
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