I'm trying to upgrade my old desktop into a gaming computer

My desktops product number is VGC-RA840G. I dont know what the specs are on it but i want to find what i need to find certain parts(graphic card, mother board etc.) to upgrade it to a gaming desktop. Can anyone help me?

PS it's a Sony VAIO
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  1. So basically the only thing you are keeping is the case and maybe the RAM. Your better off building a new one.
  2. nope. the only thing you can keep is the hard drive and case. everything else is going. might as well build your own
  3. Okay thanks guys
  4. Google is your friend.
    Here are the specs for your pc:
    The pc is essentially obsolete.
    Max ram is 2gb, not enough today.
    The psu will not support more than a minimal gaming graphics card.
    It is uneconomical to upgrade a lga775 based cpu.
    It is time to rebuild.
    You might be able to salvage the case and dvd burner.
  5. What is your budget for your new build?
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