intel 3570k safe temperature stock speed

intel 3570k safe temperature stock speed
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  1. 75c
  2. Really it depends on the ambient temperature, and what load the processor is at. I'm using the i5-3570k too, ambient temp here is 30 Celsius, at idle its about 35C, and can go well above 70C when some games floor the pedal. Also note mine is overclocked to 4Ghz at stock voltage (so it doesn't affect temperature much)
  3. The TJmax on the 3570k is around 105c, 20-30c away from the TJmax is generally what you would consider a safe temperature. At stock I would not expect it to go over 70 under load (unless high ambient temp+prime95). If you're overclocking just keep it under 85c and you should be fine.
  4. ambient temperature is about 30 celsius
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    And if you're using the stock cooler then I guess it shouldn't go above 70c. As I said a safe temperature is 20-30c away from the Tjmax, preferrably 75 at most in this case
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