Evda Gtx 770 OC VS Amd R9 280X

Hey I was wondering was the 770 worth the extra 100 euro. I've seen benchmarks and they score about the same but I wanted to ask the community and maybe there's some 280x owners that could help me out. Also what brand of the r9 280x is the best, msi, asus etc.
I will be rendering and gaming. I don't mind if the 280x is a few fps less (if it is!) I'am on a budget so if the 280x is still just about the same as the 770 then I'll go with the 280x and save a good bit of cash!

Note: I'am looking for something that can play games at ultra settings at 1080p!
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  1. The r9 280x is better bang for da bucks :D
    Maybe you should wait until amd adds it to never settle (just a rumour)
    The sapphire version is often the cheapest, dual-x or vapor-x coolers are great!
    You can use the saved money for a ssd or simply keep it. ;D
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