stuck in xp install with no keyboard

Hello Everybody.
I was just doing a xp reinstall on my acer laptop after a lot of problems but have got no keyboard for some reason so cant type in the who will use this computer part so I am stuck ,cant continue with install cant go back ,cant switch off,what can I do now. Any help would be greatly appreciated
as I am totally stuck.
Ps I have tried a usb keyboard but it does not work either
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  1. Did you try more than one USB port with your external keyboard?
  2. Hello and thanks for your reply.
    Yes I have tried all the usb ports but it will not type anything although the f keys and fn are working on both keyboards
  3. You may need to restart the install process, with the external keyboard attached, so that it will be recognized.
  4. Hi colgeek.
    How can I restart the install as I am stuck on this "who will use this computer" page and cannot go forwards or back
  5. Power off and start again.
  6. So if I power off I presume by removing the charger and removing the battery when I restart will I be back in the same situation?
  7. Just press and hold the power button down until the system shuts down. Then power-on as usual.
  8. Ok just did that it restarted and went back to the same place
  9. But is the keyboard recognized now?
  10. The same keys are working and not working on both keyboards but no letters,F keys and fn are working on both
  11. What make/model of laptop is this? Also, are you using an original XP CD or a copy of one?
  12. The laptop is a acer 4062lmi ,I was trying to do a reinstall from the acer manager which reinstalls windows without a disc as I had already tried to reformat from a original windows xp disk but when i got to the install windows or repair I could not press y/n or r to continue
  13. Understood. Odd situation.

    Are you trying to save any info from a previous install? If not, I would start the process over and completely wipe the HDD (reformat when offered the chance to do so in the install process).
  14. Yes this is a strange one, my problem now is when I reboot windows will try to reinstall and i will just get stuck on the same page every time .
    Anyway this thing has been p*****g me off for a week now so I think I might take it to the comp shop.
    Many thanks for your help.
  15. Try booting directly from your XP CD. Your system is booting from the HDD now and going to where it left off.

    Use this guide to help you:

    When you get to step 4, you want to delete the previous partition and let Windows make a new one. This will wipe the previous install (and anything you have saved on the system) and let you put a fresh install in place.
  16. Ok I,ll try that many thanks
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