Best sound and microphone option for gaming under £200($300)?

So, I am saving up for really nice headphones/headsets or mics. But I don't konw what to go for. My budget is £200 (~$320) and I am looking for a good mic and sound.

I have found these options:

Astro A40s with MixAmp
Audio Technica ATH-AD700X with a blue snowball mic (over my price range..)
Sennheiser PC360s

I don't know what my best option is, I've heard that the headsets have bad microphone quality. I do lots of skype/talking and recording so I don't want to have bad mic quality but I'd rather have better sound. If anyone else has better choice in my price range (£20 over is o.k.) then that would be great, thanks :)
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