how can i fix system configuration error after recovery? I don't have original discs. HP media center 1250m uk with windows xp

I did recovery on my HP Media centre 1250m UK desktop computer, with Windows XP. on restart message 'system configuration error code purple' comes up and the computer is totally unresponsive to keyboard and only switches off using the power button. I am using a laptop to research the solution and need help please!!
Hi. thank you for the advice, but it didn't work! As you can probably guess I'm not very good at this, but perhaps the fact that my keyboard and mouse are wireless means they are not effective. The windows xp screen comes up with the code purple notice but when I press shift+f10 on the keyboard nothing happens. Should I get use of a wired keyboard or take the computer to an independent computer expert??
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  1. Did some research for this and here is a suggestion that has worked for others:
    Code Purple is a problem exclusive to HP's, the easiest solution is to avoid them. However, it's already too late for you. Basically it's an attempt to force you to pay them to service or upgrade your PC, or if you didn't learn the first time, buy another.
    ***Windows 7 code purple or Windows Vista code purple***

    With the code purple error on the screen, press shift+f10 (the shift key and the F10 key (at the top of the keyboard) at the same time) to open a little screen called a command prompt. (So, you get a little black screen with white text that says something about your Windows verison first and a little ways down you'll see "C:\>". It's all ready for you to start typing.)
    Type the following line, just as you see it here: notepad C:\hp\bin\checkdmi\checkdmi.cmd
    It will look like this: C:\>notepad C:\hp\bin\checkdmi\checkdmi.cmd
    Press Enter.
    You will see the text for the file listed in a window using a simple text editor.
    Go to the beginning of the text. Press enter to make a space.
    Type this: goto cleanup
    So, whatever comes after, the first line looks like this: goto cleanup
    Save the file and exit notepad and restart your PC. You are good to go.
    You are creating a small batch file that will clear the error code. Seems there is no true system error (windows) but it is generated to drive you to some sort of paid HP support or hardware replacement.
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