Would an fx 6300 bottleneck 2 7950s?

Would an fx 6300 bottleneck 2 7950s? And, should I get a 7950 or get the r9 270x. My only doubt is that the 7950 has 3 gigs of vram, but the 270x only has 2 gigs. Thanks!
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    Don't worry about 2 vs 3gb VRAM. It's all the same. I've never exceeded 1.5GB gaming. One 7950 is enough. 7950 is above a 270, so I'd rather have a 7950.
  2. ^+1, the 270x is essentially a 7870, so definitely go with a single 7950
  3. Yeah, it would bottleneck the 2 7950s. I have an fx-6300 and it bottlenecks my gtx 760 in a few games like battlefield 3 and Guild Wars 2. Your bottlenecking would be even worse.
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