Finding Old game, Please help me

Hello, I'm finding an old PC game as Title.

I Think the game's from the 90~02s.

With frank I don't read English that time And That game was already installed in PC with AOE2, So I don't know Even the game was English, German, or France-Probably English-.

Graphics are full 3D, And Characters are Big headed And no legs/arms, Just foots&hands-Like Doraemon?-, Eyes are like Black sesame, Wihout emotion.

The game has serveral scenarios, but I didn't know How to unlock other scenarios so I Always played basic scenarios-or them were All.-

One scnario, Start as Blonded? woman look like Civilian A has 2 Armed men as Companion, At sewer.
Object is maybe Chase and Kill Giiiant Sowbug-I couldn't Clear Any scenarioes so it's not sure-

Woman have a torch no worth for weapon, But when fire got rid it can be used as Weapon.

Enemys are big sowbugs-Not Giiiiant-, Merlocks? Lizardmen? camping in the sewer.
Woman just Light round with torch-or Fight with wet torch-, Only Companions fight with enemy.

Other scenario, Start as Old man with Gun at Ship's Deck?

When Scenario start, One old man-Not Player- jumps out Pit-Pit on the deck, Sorry but I don't know What it called-, And never come back.
And Sailor-clothed? Creeps have Cat-like headbone comes to PC so PC kill them with gun-Shotgun, Or Hunting rifle-

That time I don't know How to jump, so I just killed creeps come to PC, No advance.

And other scenario, Start as Man-Maybe Priest, or something Like that-, At Dungeon?

In start point, There's one window streaming Sunshine or somewhat, And PC regains MP? CP? like thingy by touching thy.
PC Can use Holy power-or magic- with right-button o mouse, Using MP.

Out of starting room, There's Full of Triangle zombies Have High Life and Attack.
They' re hard to die when Attack with weapon, But when hit on Holy power, They dies at 1 time.
But with Any attacks They stand up Again with time pass.

Last scenario, Start as Presoner, With Companion? I don't remember About companion. At Orange-toned Cave/Dungeon/or something.

PC Got shuckled ball on leg, And have Pickel.
when get out of bars, There's Full of Sleeping Killer-teddy.
Without measure, Teddys wakes up And Actively tries to kill PC, But when PC lifts own Shuckled ball PC can pass them without blood.

They are Pictures that I draw with Misty memory.

I've tried to find the Game in native but gone vain.
Please, please help me. The game's Memorial that I've played as First, Enjoyed first but I Even don't know Thy's name.
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  1. I am going to try to find this one. I like that you drew pictures to show your memory of the game. I got admit this sounds like nothing I've ever encountered.

    I need to ask some questions

    1- 1990 to 2002 is really broad. If you had to guess, around what year do you remember playing it? Perhaps from what age you were.

    2- When you say full 3D, was it isometric-perspective, like Balder's Gate or Diablo? Third person like Tomb Raider or First Person like half life?

    3- If you had to compare it to another game, which one would that be?

    4- How do you describe it? Role-playing, Action Adventure, Strategy?

    Sorry for all the questions but this is a hard one I think.
  2. 1- Maybe 1999.

    2- Balder's gate-like, Not FP.

    3- SD-Charactered Balder's Gate.

    4- Action adventure.

    Sorry for late.
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