Asus Direct-CU II R9 270X + Z87-G43 *OR* Sapphire dual-x R9 270X + Z87-G45?

I might crossfire in the future and with the G43 I would have to use PCIe 3 and 2 for the other GPU so I wouldn't CF with it, but I would have a cool and quiet Asus R9 270X and then I would replace it in the future with something else. OR should I

Get the Sapphire R9 270X dual-x and get the G45, so in the future I could get another Sapphire R9 270X and a better PSU and CF?
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    I wouldn crossfire it at all (more unsupported games) unless you are going to use more than one monitor o play at higher resolution than native 1080p. but if you need to know i would shoose the second decision.
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