What is the best HDD cloning software? And how to use it.

I want to upgrade my hard drive and I am not sure how to do it. Atm I am installing EaseUS Todo Backup Free. I am perplexed as to how you can clone a drive while using it... I am not sure of the steps to make a boot able clone.
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  1. I failed to understand what a HDD upgrade is ? What are you actually trying to do ?
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    Windows 7 and up feature 'shadow copy' technology which lets you copy a file even if its use.

    If you weren't clear on how to clone your old drive to the new one here is guide using Todo backup

    Also the manufacturer of your new drive also has a *Free* clone utility
    Seagate diskwizard:
    diskwizard cloning guide:

    Wd TrueImage:
    TrueImage english manual:
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