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I'm looking for a better headset: I currently use the Razer Carcharias headset for my gaming and listening to iTunes on my PC. As much as gaming is a big thing for me, music is just as much, so I would like a headset that is better at music. On the music side, I'm listening to Apple lossless tracks and 24/96-24/192 tracks, so I want a better experience there from a gaming headset. I'm not interested in a surround headset. I have possibilities down to the following and I'd like to get some impressions.
1. Sennheiser 350SE
2. Sennheiser 360
3. Beyerdynamic MMX300
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  1. I have the Sennheiser PC 360. I can say it works great. The mic records very clear with little distortion. The audio fidelity on the headset is also very nice. It's not audiophile-level quality and performs slightly worse than my HD595 headphones, but for $200 it is a very nice set of headphones.
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