450w psu can support gtx 760?

i currently hav e a 450w psu and wondered if it will support a gtx 760
my build is: i5-3470
1x8gb ram
1tb hdd
geforce gt 640 (soon to be replaced by 760)

if it doesn't support 450w then how much wattage would i need?
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    A 550 watt psu is recommended for a 760.
  2. thanks :)
  3. A high quality 450W PSU will run the GTX 760, the key is in your 12v amperage. Check your PSU label to make sure (it says) it can supply at least 32A on the 12v combined, if so you can try to run it. Depending upon the PSU, if quality I would personally attempt it.
    Be aware though that if you start to have stability issues or the PSU is running loud, you'll want to get a more powerful PSU in there
  4. Will a cosair cx 500 (500w) be enough for this build
    I5 3470 quad
    Msi gtx 760 2gb
    500 gb or 1 tb hdd
    Cooler master 281
    8 gb ram
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