CPU Fan not running at max speed

hey guys

ok recently i bought the Red Scorpion Xigmatek AMD Heatsink, its very similiar to the hyper 212+, i mean very similiar

It comes with this fan pre-installed

When i load up HWMonitor, i noticed my fan speed is bouncing between 1054, to 1134 under load, yet the speed is capable of 1500 RPM

Id like to bump up the speed to 1500 RPM but im not sure how

heres a quick screenshot of speedfan and HWMonitor

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  1. its a 3 pin connector so no manual control, and its either will spin at 100% give or take prob 10% on 1500, and or its only controled by the cpu fan header by the cpus temp, either switch it out for a pwm 4 pin 120mm fan or ur stuck with the speed it shows
  2. i figured it out, ASUS Q-Fan was enabled in bios, i disabled that and now its at 1490 RPM, thanks for the help anyway ^^
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