To SLI or not to SLI

So I am currently running a 660TI 2GB GPU and was wondering whether its worth going the SLI or single GPU route. With the new consoles coming out I want to stay ahead by possibly upgrading. With my single 660TI I can run most games on ultra or very high (all except Crysis 3 of course)
With that said my current card is better than the 1.84 TFLOPS they are using in the PS4 so is it even worth upgrading?
Another concern is that my card is 2GB, should I be looking into a 3GB GPU solution? is it really going to be needed in the next year or two?

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  1. Can your PSU handle another card (620watts min recommended)? Does your motherboard support SLI? If yes in both cases go for it, if no consider single card and 2GB is still good for single monitor 1080P gaming.
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    You really need to not concern yourself with the comparative performance of consoles to PCs, neither you nor I nor anyone else on this site can answer such questions with any degree of accuracy. Same with questions about the 2GB vram, how is anyone here supposed to know how much vram games will use up in 2 years? Unless a developer reads this and answers your questions, you're unlikely to find a reliable answer.

    As for the SLI question, if you're planning to stick with one monitor, then sure, go ahead and run 2 660Tis, it's what I'm running and they max out almost all games, you just have to not use crazy levels of AA as the cards will choke due to the 192-bit memory bus. Even so, by the time two aren't enough for single monitor gaming, you will probably be able to get an affordable single gpu that can outperform them and with less power consumption to boot.

    If you're planning to stick to single monitor gaming, then yes, go SLI 660 Tis.
  3. Ok so I have a OCZ 750 PSU with an i5 3570k and an asrock Z77 extreme 4 MOBO. So it looks like I'm good to go.

    @doubletake I am definitely sticking with one monitor.

    Thanks for the quick reply's
  4. Yep you are.
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