Where to obtain replacement Foxconn HDD SATA connector header

Bought a WD IcePack 2.5-3.5" heatsink adapter and when it got to me from California, the data connector had been whacked (making it useless), any idea where I can get an entire connector header to replace this one with?

I can de-solder one from an old 3.5" drive but I don't want to de-solder both boards to get one working if I can just get a clean replacement somewhere.

The board on the IcePack is still usable it's the Foxconn plastic connector (the data port) that got whacked.


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  1. try looking at some hard drive kits?
  2. yaremkiv said:
    try looking at some hard drive kits?

    Not sure what you mean?

    Please elaborate
  3. im sorry i misunderstood you i thought you were talking about a cable, in that case, did you buy it new? if so do you by chance have warranty?
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