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I downloaded windows 8.1 yesterday and I played Tomb Raider through Steam and there was no problem. Today I went to play Crysis 2 and the color setting were jacked up. The nvidia sign instead of green was yellow and everything was really red. So I went to Payday 2 to check if it was messed up and it was. I am assuming it is steam.
A message game up stating that the some objects did not load at the right depths in Payday2 were not correct. And this is only in a game not on the desktop. I am running a TV if that makes any difference.
Thank you ahead of time!
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  1. I just opened tomb raider and a message about 3D vision came up and I closed then only Tomb Raider works fine again...
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    Reinstall the graphics driver is the only solution i can think of. Make sure you download the drivers for 8.1 and dont use the ones for 8.
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