I5 4670k or I7 4770k FOR GAMING?

I am about to buy a new CPU
I am going to just be playing games on it and normal computing, no design or anything.

What would be more advisable?
I7 4770K 3.5Ghz
I5 4670K 3.8Ghz?

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  1. I5, it's cheaper and you will not notice a difference between the 2 when gaming.
  2. hafijur said:
    The i5 4670k is best value for money gaming cpu as you can overclock it to if you want to and most games perform near identical even bf4 does on the i5 4670k compared to 4770k so get the i5 4670k and put the money towards a better graphics card

    Okay Thank you I have ordered an i5 and I think it am alright with GPU's as I have sli 4GB gtx 760's :D
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