Toshiba Satellite L355-S78312 Laptop BLACK SCREEN please HELP

I have a Toshiba Satellite L355-S78312 Laptop it was just on , then I got a blue screen, Then I restarted it and now it looks like everything turns on but I have a blank black screen , Doesn't look like anything is dimmed on it either. when I got the blue screen all I did was start my pc windows logo popped up and windows loaded and all that then I got a blue screen. I really need to get this working again asap , so if anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it. thank you so much
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  1. Do you get the splash screen?
    You know the one which says like for example "Acer" or "Samsung" or "Dell" right when you push the power button? If so, it sounds like probably your Windows Operating System has gone bad. If this is the problem, don't worry too much. This is probably the cheapest and easiest thing to fix.

    If this is so, you will need to use the "Recovery Partition" or the "Recover CD's" which came with your laptop or possible a windows installation disk. You will lose all information/pictures/games you have on your computer, but it will fix it. If you know anyone who has worked on computers before or is good with them you probably want to ask them for help if you have never done this before, or consider taking it to a local shop.
  2. no I don't get anything at all on screen , Im pretty good at fixing pc's but this def has me at a stand still.
  3. Oh I see, well if you aren't getting anything then then main issue obviously isn't the HDD or OS. Chances are the issue is either the display, GPU, or CPU. Unless I am mistaken laptops still give beep codes for RAM issues, and even with RAM issues it usually gets a splash screen still.

    Have you tried plugging into a monitor somewhere? That would help tell if its the display or GPU, but honestly if it was just the display or GPU it would probably still boot and you would probably hear the windows chime when it logs in, but if you had the volume muted or you have to type a password you wouldn't get that.

    So best chance is to try a monitor though, if that gives you nothing then the CPU or motherboard is probably dead and you will just need to get a new one.
  4. just tried the monitor and no luck,
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    Sorry dude. That means chances are its the CPU. Maybe you are lucky and its a socket instead of a BGA and you can just buy a new CPU for it.

    Though it could also be the motherboard or GPU, I have my doubts its the GPU because again you would hear Windows chime when it finished booting.
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