IPS Monitor Problem (AOC i2367Fh)

Recently, the left side of my monitor turned a hue of pink without reason. It's not an isolated area, rather the far left side is extremely pink and the farther away it is, the less pink it get, until about the middle of the screen which the colors are displayed correctly.

This is not a software problem, nor a problems with the cables, nor a problem with my graphics card. (I've tried several different cables, factory resetting the monitor, and using different computers)

The monitor itself is quite new, around 4 months, however, the warranty ran out last month and their customer support is crap. I've tried explaining the problem but they still haven't answer back.

To be noted: this monitor is an IPS monitor so it shouldn't be affected by magnetic waves. I should mention that there are speakers around 6'' in height on the left, although it probably shouldn't affect the monitor at all.

I don't have a lot of knowledge regarding monitors so I came here to see what you guys can come up with to help me with this bizarre problem, thanks.

Image 1: regular side -
Image 2: far left side (pink) -
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    Generally if customer support is crap, so is the product they are selling. AOC is not a brand of monitor I would associate with top quality. So unfortunately, you may be stuck with it til you replace it. Also, im not sure I know of a monitor that is covered for only 90 days from the manufacturer. If that is correct, sorry but that pretty messed up.
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  3. The same thing is happening to my monitor is an IPS but its an Acer H236HL 23 inch monitor.
    The left side is a pink wave going down. purchased the monitor on 7/9/13 from Tigerdirect. I have never had problems dealing with them. But the return warranty was for only 30 days am I really going to have to spend another 150ish dollars for a functioning monitor sure as hell hope not.
  4. I get the same behavior on a HP Pavilion 23xi IPS LED. Tried different cables, different laptops, nothing works

    So it seems it's now only a huge paperweight? Is this an IPS usual issue? I've had the monitor for 1 year only.
  5. I have the exact same problem. Did you or anyone else here manage to fix it?
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