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Ok so essentially I did a roll back on my NVIDIA GeForce GT 540m in my xps 15 l502x laptop. It was in the hopes that it would fix an issue with my screen flickering. It seems to have stopped now thankfully. However here is the problem. I can't get it back lol, yeah I know I'm not very good with computers but after the roll back it won't increase the resolution past 1024 x 768. Also none of my games will start up. It says the graphics card isn't good enough.
Ps. When I look in my hardware properties it says that I have a second display adaptor called "standard VGA graphics adaptor
Thank you for any assistance you might offer this I sincerely appreciate it. Also I'm operatin on windows 7
Again thanks
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  2. Well the "standard VGA graphics adaptor" message means that you do not have vender specific drivers installed and that is why you can't play any games. You need to install the proper drivers for your laptop. As with most laptops the best bet is to go to the manufactures site to get them since most are customized beyond what Nvidia does. So in your case go to Dell and get the drivers for your model from there.
  3. Thanks a lot to both of you. Ill give that a shot tomorrow I've gotta run some errands tonight :( I tried hitting the look for update driver button in the drivers properties window but it didn't find any when I was working with it earlier today. I assume the ones from the dell sight will work differently right?
  4. Laptop drivers often get modified by the manufacturer so they are the recommended ones. Just download and install.
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