Having issues with multiple GPU's

LONG POST! Please read, I NEED HELP!

So, my system has been running fine for months.. running crossfire 7870's... Over clocked CPU to 4.4ghz, ran it fine for a few weeks, temps never got over 60c on load and gpu's stayed below 46c at stock clocks.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, pc restarts on its own, and wont come back, says it encountered an error... itll show bios screen, attempt to load windows and restart. I had to pull 1 gpu out and I could get to windows... unistall drivers, restart... install drivers, shut down... install 2nd gpu.. and it would boot up fine... but would not register 2 cards being hooked up. And when I did click "Enable Crossfire" in Catalyst, it'd freeze my cpu and I'd have to restart, and run through the steps above, with removing a card... So I did that, left 1 card in, worked great... swapped cards, worked great. Got tired of Xfire issues, so I bought a GTX 770.. and it's wonderful, BUT! I can play BF3 for 2-30 minutes and I get a directx error stating something about "Device hung due to badly formed commands" and I have to restart. I clean sweeped drivers, installed old ones, new ones, beta drivers... same issue. Did it in safe mode too... Didnt fix it, I thought it was just something with the card and BF3 since the 7870 ran without an issue as long as I had 1 card in and not 2.. Well, doing Unigine Heave/Valley benchmarks, the 770 freezes up and or crashes everytime. MSI Kombuster will also cause it to crash if its in full screen. Temps on the 770 max at 53c.

I moved on to maybe it's the motherboard, went out and bought a new one... swapped everything over... SAME ISSUES! So, now I am ruling at Motherboard and Graphics cards.. since Ive tried, 1 XFX 7870 (good), 1 HIS 7870 (Good) and now the 770 which will play other games fine, just not BF3 or do benchmarks...

Could this be my CPU? It's been at stock speeds for 3-4 days now...Im about ready to toss in the towel, send my GTX 770 back, and use that money to buy a FX 6350, new motherboard and new ram and see if the issue persist, but I'd rather not if I dont have too being the 7870s work by themselves, and the 770 plays other games ok...

Anyone got any ideas, I really need some help here! Thanks!!
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  1. The PSU is too weak to support 2 cards, under load.
  2. AMD calls for atleast a 600watt for those two cards... I have 850watt.... And it ran fine for months...... how can it be too weak but work for 4 months and then just stop picking them up? When I enable crossfire, they arent under load, therefor shouldnt crash my PC
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    "ALL OF A SUDDEN, pc restarts on its own, and wont come back, says it encountered an error."
    Clean install of windows to eliminate software problem before changing hardware with same results.
    Or that was done with the new mobo?
    Could check for BIOS upgrade for mobo, but it is a recent purchase & probably not change much.
    The I-5 is better than 6350, but testing the ram couldn't hurt. ~burn & run~
  4. I put the new mobo in and saw that it had the same problems, so I switched mobo's back. and then did a the format. Ill do the memtest now
  5. Thanx, you asked for some ideas. You spend all this time, money & aggravation and nothing changed. Lets exhaust what is free.. If is not software.
  6. Ran one full pass. 0 Errors.
  7. Just played a few maps of BF3, no issues, and ran Heaven benchmark and passed.

    It passed one out of 3 tries last night but still crashed twice... It doesnt make sense to me how it can work perfect sometimes, and be complete crap at others.
  8. Beitzel15 said:
    Ran one full pass. 0 Errors.

    Good stuff. NVidia 331.XX WQHL released today~
  9. Maybe your HDD is dying. Run CrystalDisk and see if there are any errors.
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