24GB 1333mhz vs 16GB 1866mhz

So i have 2*4GB visiontek with the speed at 1333mhz and 2*8GB corsair vengeance pro with speed at 1866mhz. As a gamer would it be better to have 24 gb of ram but at 1333mhz or only have 16Gb but at 1866mhz? thank you
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  1. Currently 8Gb is more than enough for gaming. If you are not overclocking ddr3 1600 with a low clock latency would be a good option. Also its not just about the frequency you want a low clock latency aswell.
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    16GB would be more than enough by itself as noted above, and 24GB at this time is way overkill.
  3. I would never use ram 1333mhz.I would highly recommend 1600mhz or above if same price as 1600mhz.
  4. well i have decided to remove the vison tek memory cards thank you guys for your help
  5. No problem.You're welcome!
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