Gta San Andreas Cant Turn Left (Help!)

I got gta san andreas (Not gta 5) i know its pretty old but my pc is bad and it runs gta san andreas fine.But i cant turn left at all unless i use the arrow keys or take my finger off the w key which is the forward key.Its really anoying because it make me crash my car alot and i cant do bigsmokes fist mission where you have to kill freddy so PLEASE HELP!
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  1. Only left? The key works fine outside of the game? Try resetting the control settings of the game.
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    hmn, it might be that your keyboard cannot handle when several keys are being used all at once.
    what other keys are you using when this is happening? my clue is when you said it works when you let go of the W key. might have something to do with key roll-over (hope my term is correct)

    you might want to remap some keys
  3. I have a wireless keybord and i dont think my keybord can handle it but my pc dosnt have the old keybord plug and i dont have any usb keybords and all im holding is w and a and it wont work but it works when i hold w and d.
  4. i reset the settings and that didnt work im going with the keybord cant handle it thing
  5. try borrowing a different keyboard from a brother or a friend.
  6. Thanks for all the help
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