Asus V1V/V1S Inverter issue...need help diagnosing

Hi all,

I have an Asus V1V, purchased in the UK. It's the same as the V1S which is more common in the US, bar the video card.

I have a problem in which the screen will randomly lose brightness or flicker.

The above picture is form the left hinge with the hinge cover removed. There are two cables. Pressing on one of these cables will resolve the issue, temporarily or for a few hours.

My idea to fix this was simply to replace the inverter cable, however it seems no such part exists for my laptop. I've only seen an LCD cable for sale, and an inverter board.

Is it possible the problem lies not with the cable but the board?

Are inverter cables standard, which is why I can't find one specific to my model?

Suggestions or advice in general?
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    the inverter cable probably comes with the inverter.
  2. oczdude8 said:
    the inverter cable probably comes with the inverter.

    It isn't listed anywhere or pictured in the inverter boards I've seen for sale
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