Windows 7 "Disk read error occurred" SSD not recognized

Hi all,

So recently my primary ssd with windows 7 SP1 has crashed. When i try to reboot it it says "disk read error occured, please press control+alt+delete." and it continues in a loop.

When I boot from my windows install usb there is no indication to repair my ssd, and even more mysteriously, the ssd is not visible as an drive to install to.

I'm currently booted up on my secondary hdd, again the ssd is missing, but a program called HD tune has been able to locate the ssd. I ran an error scan and no sectors were labeled as bad, and under health the "retired block count" is listed as attention status at 100 current value. Also, the reallocated event count is also a warning at 100 value.

If it helps I am running a OCZ Vertex3 (90 gb)

What should I do?
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  1. You have to disconnect your HDD to install Windows on your SSD.

    Disconnect the HDD, keep the SSD connected only, then try to install.
  2. Actually, unplugging the SATA cables on it and plugging it back in made windows see that the ssd was in raw format. Running chkdsk drivename: /r made it recover the files that prevented it from being recognized as NTSF and then it was recovered. Rebooting made it run check disk, but after a short (1-2 second) wait, i was back and running
  3. Have you done as I said?
  4. Akashdeep said:
    Have you done as I said?

    Actually the drive didnt need to be reinstalled at all, just command prompt off of my hdd.
    However, when I need to repair my ssd I usually don't have to unplug my HDD for it to recognize the SSD. Thanks for the reply though :)
  5. What is your issue then?
    Please be specific.
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