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Hi Guys,

Really need your help here, kind of stuck in between what processor to go for so any advice from your side would be appreciated.

Not sure if i should spend more $ and get i7 or save and get i5 series ( also pls suggest which processor / price is worth going for ) or should i go for amd i dnt really find any good amd processors at the moment coming close to i7/i5s , also more insight on the build.

In terms of usage its moderate Gaming, mostly Cs:go and other games in between , but its like i dont keep upgrading every year. I upgrade once every 3-4-5 yrs , my last pc was 1st gen i5 which still does the job.

Also want to save as much as possible

Sapphire r9 280x toxic, is the gpu i want to go ahead with for this build.

Anyways , hope i get some good advice , Thanks in advance guys :D
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  1. i5 is the route to go. They perform just as good as i7's for less money and you really can't see a noticeable difference when gaming with the i5 or i7. If you plan to go the i5 route then definitely get the i5-4670k model for $230 (it's unlocked so you can oc it if you need the extra boost in the future).
  2. AMD's very best cpus are somewhat competitive to intel's i5s at stock speeds. AMD does not make a cpu that completes with an i7. Ok fine, there are some extreme circumstances when an 8 core FX will at least compete with an i7, but it's rare and the i7 usually spanks it while also using less power. Most of the time, an overclocked i5 will outperform any AMD, especially in gaming.

    AMD knows this though so their stuff is priced accordingly. You could get a FX 8350 for the cost of an average i5 and it would do fine. It's certainly not a bad cpu. You can overclock the crap out of it, and it would be a beast in multitasking so it's a pretty good value. It's biggest fault is it's poor single thread performance. @ 4.0ghz it roughly matches an $60 Intel Pentium g2020 @ 2.9ghz in single threaded tasks.

    You should just grab a i5 4670k and be done with it. It will last you for years and you can overclock it pretty high that would outperform any AMD.
    i7s are just not worth the extra $100 if gaming is the biggest concern.
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    the i5-4670K is the best option, So any AMD CPU on the market today can match its performance, and you can OC using unlocked multiplier for getting more CPU power (close to i7 performance) and combinated with Sapphire r9 280x toxic you will be playing almost all games at high settings for some time
  4. Cool thanks a LOT guys for making it clear ..will go with the i5 !! Appreciate all the feed back :D
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