Slow Boot Issue with SLI GTX 670

Hi Guys

I'm having an issue with my computer and a recently installed second GTX 670 running in SLI.

My specs are as follows

intel i5 3570k
msi z77a-g45
corsair vengence 2x4gb
128gb samsung 840 pro ssd
120 ocz vertex 3 ssd
3tb seagate hdd
500 gb western digital hdd
evga gtx 670 FTW 2gb
asus gtx670 dc2og
ocz modxstream pro 700 watt psu
windows 8.1 pro

My problem is the computer when booting with SLI enabled will show the UEFI boot screen with the spinning white dots, then the display will go black and no image will be displayed for upwards of two minutes until finally the lock screen appears. If SLI is disabled however it boots normally. I've got the most up to date nvidia drivers and have reinstalled them clean, taken the cards out and put them back in, tried both cards as the primary card, and none of it seems to make a difference. My one idea I had was that my power supply was inadequate, but if anyone has any insight it would be much appreciated.
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  1. normally when things like that happen it's a hardware issue. Are you using the right pci-e connectors for both cards? you should always use one cable per card, not mix and max the cables like use one 6 pin from one and then one pin from the other. it looks like your power supply has 2 12v rail's at 25 amps each. it looks like the requirements for one is 38 which you are fine with, but I think your power supply is lacking a bit in the 12v rail area. Like I have a power supply that is only 430w with a 12v rail of 50 amps for my work pc. Normally 700w is good enough for sli, but I think your model is lacking in amps for those cards to run in sli
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    The minimum recomended for 670 SLI is 700 Watts , could be possible that your psu is being pushed to its limit. You are also running 4 hd's which require some power.
    I would suggest upgrading the psu and going up to a quality 850 Watt psu for your system, it will also give you some headroom to oc.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, I have ordered a corsair ax760 to replace it, do you think that will be enough or should i order the 850? Also, does SLI use more power when its active than not? Because I only have the issue when SLI Is turned on. If I turn off SLI in nVidia control panel and reboot the computer boots normally.
  4. That's putting your 2nd card in a idle state, so it doesn't really draw any power. I noticed the ax760 was a bit more expensive than the cx 750 I believe which would be more than enough for sli and your hard drives and any overclocks. Just my suggestion for a power supply so you can have more than enough power, but still save some money.
  5. So i installed the new AX760 and I am still having the same problem, I'm starting to wonder if the issue is being caused by the new card being faulty.
  6. It could always be. I would maybe call the manufacture and go through their trouble shooting process first, before you consider rma. I think it just was a combination of the power supply not being capable of handling the two video cards, and a possible fault in the card. The two people that I would contact would be your video card manufacture, and your motherboard manufacture. Just go through both of their trouble shooting steps. You could also try the basics like clearing the cmos or updating the bio's. Since I don't work for evga, asus, or msi that is about all I can do for you. So just look up their numbers get each of their suggestions and come back with what they say.
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