Is My Computer Build Good.

I have asked this question before and have recieved good feed back, so I am going to ask it again for the last time as I have finalised my build for my mid gaming. The build is as follows:

Intel i5 4570 (Stock CPU Fan)
Asus H87-PRO Motherboard
Kingston 1600 8GB Ram (2 x 4)
Gigabyte GTX 660 OC 2GB Graphics Card
Msi DVD Drive
TPLINK Wireless Network Adapter (300MB/s)
Cosair GS600 V2 powersupply
Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Case
1TB Seagate HDD
128GB Sandisk SSD
Logitech G300 Mouse
Gigabyte Force K3 keyboard

My total cost for this build is $1171 with building cost.
Is my build good, or should i swap anything out?

Also do I need to buy a CPU Cooler, or is it possible to run games such as League of Legends, Battle Field 3 and Crysis 2.... Etc. with a stock CPU Cooler?

Please Note: My country is Australia, thus that is why my final price is a little high. As in Australia most electronics are a little over priced.
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    If you don't want to overclock this is a really sound build :)
  2. Personally i would swap out the CPU/MB and go for a haswell CPU and a m/b which has more than 1 PCIe @ 3.0.

    Intel Core i5-4670K - Better for gaming £20 more
    MSI Z87-G45 Gaming - £26 more. - 3 x PCIe 3.0 instead of Asus H87's 1 x 3.0 and 2 x 2.0 (x4) - this will give you a better crossfire performance if you eventually go this route (its cheaper than buying a new pc lol) i'm led to believe as the cards will run at x8 x8 in the MSI where as x4 x4 in the Asus.

    The Sandisk SSD could be swapped for something like a Samsung EVO which will out perform it for £8 difference, however it will be 8GB less in size.

    if your not going to overclock the CPU the stock will be fine.if you had any spare budget left after that then i would go for a better GFX card. (as always it comes down to cost my friend!)
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