Windows 7 or 8 for pure gaming purposes

I built my new pc and im wondering what OS to get. This pc is mainly for gaming and a little school work of course. Are there aany compatibility issues or anything? Im running my pc on an i5(Not k series), 8gb ram and an AMD HD 7870. Im looking for an os with fast response. Will all games be compatible on it ? I want games to run smoothly as well so which os is my choice? Im okay with the tiles thingy but anyway Windows 8.1 has the start menu so.. yeah
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    I would normally have said 7, but after using 8.1 for the weekend on a non-touch laptop, Microsuck may have corrected a lot of the issues and now I can say go for 8.1.
  2. 8.1 because of the new direct x 11.1 support.
  3. Is windows 8.1 an update for the normal version of windows 8?
  4. Yes, you will get it as a free update to 8 or a new machine may come pre-installed with 8.1 or on a DVD/ISO.
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