Should I Cancel my PS4 Pre-Order

I have all the current gen consoles and a fairly high end PC so I'm mostly getting a new console for the exclusives. I was okay with just Drive Club and Killzone but now that it's just Killzone, I can't decide if it's worth getting the PS4 at this time or just wait till later.
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  1. wait til later probably, depends what you think you might get out of the ps4?
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    I'm in the same exact shoes. PC gamer with a relatively high end pc, but console game for the exclusives. I am definitely keeping my preorder. Not because it makes any sense, but rather because I'm a foolish early adopter who just has to have my new toys right away. I do want to play Killzone, so that helps. I'm also interested in Madden 25 as well. But beyond that, there isn't much worth talking about at launch.

    If you have other use for the funds, probably cancel. If you don't have any immediate needs for the funds, then why not just keep the preorder? Afterall, with the holidays coming up, just never know when the system will become available again before they can restock depleted supplies.
  3. Id cancel it tbh, wait till the price drops since you already got consoles and a high-end PC, games made for next-gen consoles will most likly be made for current gen aswell not to mention the PC you got so I'd just wait if I were you. Invest the pre-order money into new upgrades :P
  4. If you decide to cancel, maybe you could sell your preorder to me? You can contact me at
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